Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Sandy Hook Exposed" Reaches Over 8.5 Million Views On Youtube

A video detailing the inconsistencies in reports of the Sandy Hook shooting has gone viral with over 8.5 million views since its posting on January 7th. What are your thoughts?

Monday, August 6, 2012

CO Theater & Sikh Temple Shootings + Fast & Furious: Terror For Control

Oftentimes I wonder about coincidences. The myriad of actions and events that must connect in order for the ping of irony to register in our brains. I consider reality to be layered beyond our 5 senses, and that maybe things do happen for a reason we cannot fathom or perceive in our current form. Unfortunately, through years of research, many of the most impactful events in recent history seem to not have been a consequence of circumstance but of secretive collusion. Specifically, it is like watching a boxing match that you know is being rigged. The easiest way to find out what really is going on is to ask one simple question. Who Benefits?

False flag terror has existed at least since Nero who staged the burning of Rome to blame it on the Christians so he could persecute them. As you can imagine, the rise of Christianity challenged the authority of royalty who were pagans. Initially, the Romans sought to persecute Christians, but then eventually the State assumed the religion that undermined it. Since then, governments from Nazi Germany to our very own good ol' U S of A have used the same tactic which is often referred to as "Problem, Reaction, Solution". It is my belief, the Colorado theater shooting was a false flag terror event staged by elements of our federal government to help push the suddenly reemerging gun control agenda. But this agenda isn't new, this has been the aim our leaders have had for a while. By the way, these people do not want to debate or discuss this. To them, if you are a gun owner, something is wrong with you mentally. Eric Holder says in a 1995 speech, we need to "brainwash" people to "think differently about guns"..

"But wait, Face, why do we need gun control? I live in a condo downtown; I don't go hunting". NO, the 2nd Amendment is not about bearing arms to hunt, it's for bearing arms in defense against tyranny! Think of why this country was founded in the first place. Our Founding Fathers sought to declare independence from a totalitarian regime. You can't defend your life and the lives of people you love against armies without guns!


OK, so the CO shooting. By now, you've heard the official story. A neuroscience phd student with a historically pleasant demeanor somehow amasses an arsenal of paramilitary weapons and gear, dyes his hair orange, plants cutting edge IEDs (improvised explosive device) traps in his apartment, assaults a theater full of people, then gives himself up without a fight AND tells the cops about the traps. In court, the guy looks like he just dropped two hits of LSD.

Look how dilated his pupils are and he's now claiming amnesia like Sirhan Sirhan. Wow, what a personality change overnight. Holmes went from "spitting everywhere" and maniacal laughing to something resembling a lobotomy patient. What am I suggesting? Well, looking back at the federal government's history with brainwashing during the Cold War (MK ULTRA), I'm suggesting that perhaps this man was manipulated to be a patsy and that there were other people involved. According to eye witness accounts, there was at least one other person who let James Holmes into the theater. How DID he get into the theater with all that gear on anyway? Isn't it curious he is a neuroscience student and his father, Robert Holmes, works with FICO and may have exclusive info on the Libor scandal?

This wouldn't be the first time a patsy was set up. Remember Timothy McVeigh?  

More in-depth analysis on the CO shooting:

That's not all, folks! Immediately after the shooting, we have globalists like Soros and Bloomberg saying The People should be stripped of their weapons. Bloomberg goes as far as committing a crime by inciting police officers to go on strike!

The fact is, an armed society is a peaceful society. Armed civilians are, in themselves, deterrents to crime. This is why crime is skyrocketing in cities where guns are banned such as New York City & Chicago.

MK ULTRA was a CIA program wherein US & Canadian civilians were experimented on with brainwashing. There are many ways to brainwash a person but usually involve sex, drugs, torture individually or in combination.

James Holmes, Timothy McVeigh, the underwear bomber, the Uni-bomber, the 9/11 hijackers, and now we have a white supremacist patsy involved with shooting up a Sikh temple. Already things aren't adding up. As with the CO shooting and the OKC bombing, there were eyewitness accounts of multiple shooters being present.

Fast & Furious was another false flag involving the smuggling of guns and drugs into and out of the country. Guess who is the biggest name implicated in that case? Our buddy Eric Holder. Once again, we have an event that was staged in order to justify the gun control agenda of our globalist oppressors. This documentary explains it best:

These events are being orchestrated to give people something to be afraid of. Our government and its corporate-banking interests and rulers want us unarmed. Remember who funded Obama's campaign. JP Morgan Chase. Goldman Sachs. Microsoft. Google. You better believe Obama will do whatever it takes to put the UN gun treaty in effect. This administration openly admits it answers to the UN before Congress!

This isn't an attack on only Obama or only on the Democratic party. Both parties are owned and run by the same people. A small group of people have infiltrated our government and are pushing us toward chaos.

We can't allow ourselves to continue to be duped by the government. We have to call them out on their lies and make it known their agenda has been exposed. Do your own research if you really want to know the truth. Do not give into fear.

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -Benjamin Franklin

Saturday, July 7, 2012

U.N. Gun Confiscation: An Attack on American Liberty

Hello America,

The United Nations wants your guns. Obama answers to the U.N. more than to the Constitution. A lot of Americans have been lulled into the belief that gun control is a good thing, but the only thing it achieves is the disarmament of honest Americans. Criminals don't obey gun laws, only law-abiding citizens do. A gangbanger will get his piece one way or another, whether illegal or not.

Gun control disarms citizens who can defend themselves better than the police can! When you call 911, it's usually after the fact. They arrive maybe 8 minutes later, and by then the criminal is gone. Gun ownership by responsible citizens could be a valuable deterrent to violent crime. If you're a robber, would you rather try robbing someone with or without a gun? The answer is obvious. This is the same principle our government, along with the U.N. is working towards.

We've seen it happen during the Katrina Disaster:

A recent Forbes article reports on the NEW agreement being brokered by the United Nations that would mean the immediate banning of all semi-automatic weapons and effectively setting the precedent for full-on gun confiscation here in America. It's all out in the open and with Fast & Furious as the false flag pretext. The Feds work with the cartels to smuggle in the drugs and weapons, then gun laws are passed on the basis that licensed guns are ending up in criminals' hands.

Here is a U.S. State Department document detailing the plan for global gun confiscation that has been the main goal of the global elite for decades. Eventually, even our armed forces and police will be disarmed, leaving the U.N. as the sole global military force. Don't you feel we should have at least a vote on this? How can an international organization govern our country? Are you comfortable with the elimination of our national sovereignty?